Discount coupon given when signing up as a member

Discount coupon given when signing up as a member

Brand Story

RHYTHM is my first dog and soul mate.

Dear Guardian who is spending every precious day with your beloved children. I am Aiden, CEO and creative director of RHYTHM & FRIENDS. We sincerely welcome your visit to Rhythm & Friends.

In the fall of 2015, I met Rhythm by fate as my first dog, and he was a precious family and inspirational companion who changed my life until and after he suddenly left us in 2019. 

The inspiration from this precious little creature led me to live under the motto of "Life that practices the value of goodness" and made me feel the miracle of happiness in my family's life with the current melody and soul.

I believe that the practice of goodness and the love that the heart gives will create a miracle in itself. I would like to share with you the life of practicing goodness together by introducing selected brands with that belief.

RHYTHM & FRIENDS will support the daily journeys of guardians and children to be full of warmth and comfort.

Don't forget that your delicate senses and ethical life are your essence.

'The person next to me'

It took me a long time to know about this.

If I don't become a good person

That you can never meet a good person.

If I've never been happy as a person

That you can't make others happy.

The person next to me

If you ask me why it should be him

Just to know how much I am.

- Poet Lee Byung Ryu -



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Tel : 070-7699-0079   

Owner. Sunghyun Kang   E-mail.

Business License. 201-86-48047  [사업자 정보 확인]
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